Tree removal is a difficult task and it is not as simple as cutting its trunk.  This is for the simple reasons that most trees are not straight trees which you can simply cut and dig up.  During a storm, there will be big trees that will be damaged or big trees can be block your access to a place, or there are just not in the right place to be and it is creating a great nuisance where they are.


IT is important that before you fell a tree, the surrounding areas need to be checked.  A professional tree removal service at should do the job if you observe that power lines are near the area, or if you live near a cliff or on top of a hill.  You can do the tree cutting yourself if the area surrounding it is clear, and if you are on flat ground.  Just remember that tree removal takes time and that there is a need for proper tools, before beginning your tree removal project.  You also need to find two escape routes one on each side of the tree which you will need later on.


If you will cut your own tree, then you should do the undercut first.  This will be the guide for the tree fall.  You will cut it in a V shaped notch in the side that you want the tree to fall on.  The cut should be a 90 degree cut and up to one fourth of the diameter of the trunk size.


The back cut is the second cut.  This cut should be done two inches higher than the undercut's hinge part.  This cut will have to be done on the opposite side of the undercut, the opposite of where you want the tree to fall on.  This cut helps to release the stress on the tree and it helps the tree to fall easily.


When the tree starts to fall you should use the escape routes that you found to get yourself out of the way.  You should resume working only when the tree is safely on the ground.


Limbing is the next part.  In this task, you need to take off the branches and this is done from the bottom up.  If you are cutting a branch, you should position yourself on its opposite side of the trunk.  If you will make the trunk into firewood, you should cut it into desired lengths and store it accordingly.  Branches should then be cut to the required size according to your bylaws so that they can be bundled then picked up and recycled on the proper day.



The stump is best left to the professionals.  Under the ground, there are still a lot of tree parts so if you want to remove the stump, you should call professional tree removal services that can do the stump removal for you.  You can call your   tree removal services which offer professional tree removal at, tree trimming, stump grinding, and other services.